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In our modern world we have to be more scientific. I developed a new scientific Rubber planting method which can really bring a renaissance in agriculture and electrify the whole Rubber Industry.

We know that the first and the basic quality of the Earth is its magnetic property, that is attraction and repulsion. Just as the Earth has got magnetic quality, the plants and trees have got this quality too. By experiments I proved that the attractive field of the Rubber plants are limited to 2.5 feet around. We can utilise this property and can plant 2, 3 or 4 plants per pit. If they are planted within this magnetic field they grow as a single unit. All we have to do is to give areal space. The branches of the plants grow more in harmonious with the magnetic field of the Earth. So they are given more space in the North – South direction than the East-West. An entirely new method of rubber planting which provides more spacing, at the same time enables more rubber plants to grow luxuriously than the prevailing recommendations, lessens the cultivation costs, maintenance charges etc.

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