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SEES Rubber Tapping Method

The usual practice of half spiral tapping is not adopted here. What i am developed is tapping at one third spiral, without using stimulation. The methodology adopted is to mark the front channel and back channel at prescribed height as done in half spiral tapping, but limiting to one third girth of the tree.Thus, one third spiral of the total girth of the tree only is utilized here. After marking the front and back channels, the length of the tapping channel at half spiral tapping is ascertained. The same length of the tapping channel as measured above is now marked at the one third space of the bark already de-limited. Here the 30 degree slope as prescribed for normal tapping is not adopted since the length of the tapping channel at half spiral has to be maintained. Thus in my innovative method of tapping , the slope of the tapping channel become around 65 degrees. This facilitates easy flow of latex and spillage never happens.In my experiments ,it was seen that the output of latex in the new method of tapping was more than the same as obtained in half spiral tapping, even though one third bark only is consumed.
This method enables the rubber trees to get maximum growth maximum yielding for maximum years. Tapping is done only on 1/3rd part of the girth of the trees at a height of 50 inches, at an angle of 65 degree. Tapping is done on the first part for 3 years only. After 3years the tapping is changed to the second side. Three years of tapping is done on this part only. After six years, tapping is changed to the third side. Three years of tapping is done on this part. After 9 years of tapping the tapping angle is reversed. Every year SEES III liquid is applied on the panel when we stop tapping. This helps easy rebuilding of the bark. Thus we can tap the rubber trees for more than hundred years as it can rebuild the bark in a rapid rate.
The advantage of my innovative “SEES rubber tapping ” is that since one third bark only is utilised for tapping, exploitation at the virgin bark can be increased by several years resulting into extended yield span for the tree and better yield results. Since the bark consumption at each tapping is minimal , the health of the tree is not affected facilitating better growth rate. The chance for panel dryness is also less since one third bark is only consumed. Better yield results also is experienced since the slope is more and spillage is not there. The bark regeneration is found to be better as injury is less.


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