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2 in 1 Rubber Plantation


In 1 acre of land 300 rubber plants are planted than the conventional method of 180.The yield is multiplied and the maintenance charge is reduced. The plants in the different rows get more space than the conventional method. Two trees in a pit are planted at a distance of 2.25 feet (within the attractive field of the plant).They grow as a single unit helping each other to withstand the climatic changes. The pits are refilled at the time of planting only. Planting and refilling are done simultaneously.2 rubber plants each one is planted in the same pit at a distance of 2.25 feet. The budded plants are planted with the tap root just reaching the bottom of the pit. Refilling is done in such a way that the pit remains with a concave surface of 10 feet diameter. The balance surface of the pit is filled with mulch material with vegetable parts. This technology enables to avoid water logging around plants at the same time allowing the rain water infiltrate into the soil. When refilling is done in this way necessity of constructing platforms (terraces) silt pits , contour bunds (edakayyalas) etc can be avoided. Not a drop of water remains in the surface , it is absorbed by the earth instantly. The branches of the rubber trees are allowed to grow only after 20 feet of height. Wind damage is considerably reduced.

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