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About Us

SEES is the end product of my 45 years of experience in the electronics field and the knowledge and practice in the agricultural field. It is the collaborative approach of the application of my knowledge and learning in both electronics and agriculture. I did not develop SEES in one day. I have been continuously working towards developing SEES for the past 12 years experimenting, researching and modifying through my observations and findings each and every single day. I should say that my life revolves around SEES as my only focus was to make it better and suitable for the better growth and yielding of each and every plant. Now I can guarantee that SEES is a change maker in the history of Agriculture.

Our Vision

Our primary vision is “A thrilling, exciting and inspiring experience in the whole Agriculture industry and to be the preferred fertilizer for farmers, by providing quality products and services”.We are focused on one thing and one thing only – providing our customers satisfaction with the quality products and services. We are dedicated to help our customers to achieve maximum success.We will care for the environment

Our Mission

1. Renaissance in agriculture.

2. A revolutionary development in agriculture based on the life giving properties of the earth and the Universe

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