writing a persuasive essay


1. Why you planted 2 Rubber trees in a pit? What is the inspiration behind this method of planting, 2 rubber trees in a pit?

Initially there were 350 rubber trees in 2 acres of land.But at the time of replanting there
was only 180 rubbers, remaining trees are lost due to wind. In order to avoid this pathetic
condition. I developed this new method of rubber planting. ie planting 2 rubber trees in a pit
according to the theory “Unity is Strength”.

2. Why you planted same species of rubber trees in a pit instead of planting 2 different species?

Like same species of animals are living together ,same species of plants will also grow
together.It is the secret of nature.

3. What is the advantage of growing the branches of rubber trees only at a height of around 20 feet?

Movement is the secret of life. Since we are allowing to grow the branches of tree at
a height of around 20 feet, the rubber trees will move more when wind blows. It will
accelerate the growth rate of the trees. Also we can tap the tree at any height and at the
time of replanting we will get double rate for the trees.

4. What are the advantages of planting rubber trees in the triangular pattern?

If we plant the rubber trees in this triangular pattern , they will get more space between
the rubber trees of two rows. The branches of rubber trees will grow more in North – South
direction than the east-west direction. So pits should be taken by giving more space in the
north-south direction. For promoting growth we should give more aerial space that’s why i
designed it in the triangular pattern.

5. Is SEES an organic fertilizer?

Yes, SEES(Solar Electric Energy Solution) is an organic fertilizer. SEES contains all nutrients
and energy needed for the growth of a plant. SEES contains energy charged liquid particles,
capable of giving extra vigour and glamour to all plants and vegetables. It gives resistances
to diseases, purifies the whole vegetable kingdom, builds health and strength , improves
quality and quantity of yield ,cures and prevents panel dryness of rubber trees, promotes
growth, and reduces immaturity period.

6. What is the cause of panel dryness? Will SEES prevent the panel dryness of rubber trees?

Panel dryness occurs due to the accumulation of cyanide ions in the tapping panel of the
rubber trees. SEES III liquid will completely cure the panel dryness of the rubber trees and it
will give latex having high DRC.

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